High school students will have one more item Added:20.7. 2007
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High school students will have one more item

Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is preparing a change of school curriculum. Since 2009, should be in the curriculum of Czech secondary schools to discover a new subject – financial literacy. Students there learn what a credit, why not watch the APR, why not take on another loan installment loan or how to calculate return on investment.

According to Milan Šimáček, Deputy Minister of Finance should present a proposal to the Government in September. Financial literacy should teach children already in the fifth grade. The Czech Republic is inspired by the UK curriculum, where students can meet with the subject of economic prosperity and financial qualifications. The reason for establishing such a course is the government fear that the new generation sees the loans and credits as a normal part of life, but financial markets are unable to navigate.

The Ministry even works with some bank offices, which will train teachers. Many of them had credit problems also do not understand. The aim is to educate a generation of consumers who will know their rights and obligations of consumers in the financial market and are not taking loans that will not be able to repay.

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