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POLL: Do you prefer a holiday with travel agents or would rather ride on my own? Added:23.7. 2007
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POLL: Do you prefer a holiday with travel agents or would rather ride on my own?

Summer is the time it trips, vacations and jade. Someone wraps paramotor, cast on the back and various travels across the Republic and Europe. Someone again prefers nalajnovaný program from travel agencies, security and comfort of the hotel. Every summer we have about their own ideal vision. And what are yours? Instead, a travel agency or are going on the road rather own?

** ** Babulíková Silvia, 23 years, Czech, old music, Charles University, Prague

It depends on the situation. For example, I go to Croatia on its own, quietly and under the tent. When one is young, so he does not mind the discomfort. We slept in the camp, smelling the pine trees, so remember to leave like this. But after a few months ago I flew to Thailand, so only travel with! On my own I probably scared.

** Martin ** Vasek, 26, PhD Geography and History, Masaryk University in Brno

Rather than traveling alone with a travel agency. Well at least now I did it. One can make the wants when he wants. I prefer to ride my stop, I traveled to Romania, Turkey. We need Beskydy or Šumava.

** Mary ** Rumanová, 17 years old high school student

Me, when I go somewhere, so only travel agency. It is a certainty for me. One need not worry about anything, everything is furnished. But if it was a possibility I might at some trollop and headed out. I was quite tempted.

Libor Šustr ** **, 24, Engineering Physics, Brno University of Technology

Instead, I ride alone because I have more freedom in what I do. And it's far more adventurous. Somewhere and only come according to the situation I find what I can do. Even a ride to Croatia itself. Last time when I was already tired of the sea, we went to Dubrovnik, which was very beautiful. The travel agency I could not change the program according to your mood.

Radek Beňo ** ** 22 years, Cybernetics and Measurement, CTU Prague

I have never traveled with the tour operators, preferring to ride alone. The travel agency nor do I experience. I act like on your own, as we Czechs say: Living on my own. I go just so far over the neighboring states. Farther afield, I let go yet. Most often I go by car or train.

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Author: Trčková, Hana

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