Management culture - a new branch at the Faculty of Arts Added:31.7. 2007
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Management culture - a new branch at the Faculty of Arts

A new building for a master's degree candidate in management culture has opened in Philosophy of Science, Masaryk University. ** Applications may submit candidates for the study until 15 August .** Interest in the new study, however, now exceeds the number of planned inbox. In the academic year 2007/2008 will have a new field of study full-time.

New graduates will find employment in the field of administration and management of cultural institutions. "Position Manager is a culturally educated in Euro-American environment in one of the main pillars of the institution, which devotes its attention to arts and cultural events. In our country, unfortunately, still an apparent discrepancy between the staff of cultural institutions on the one hand, management often lacks knowledge of art history and on the other hand, the artistic leadership of knowledge of economics and law, "said one of the initiators of a new branch of the Victoria Institute Pantucek Musicology Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University.

Students Master's in Management in the culture during the study will be familiar with the problems of economic, legal and artistic operation of cultural institutions. Students attend courses in general art-historical focus and professional practice. The study is designed in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University, which provides economic and legal education courses.

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