The reform also affects school Added:9.8. 2007
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The reform also affects school

Already a year will have language schools teach according to their own curriculum, which will be ready to measure directly. The reform will affect them as well as secondary schools. The reform is transparent teaching in language schools.

This change only applies to „jazykovky“ to prepare their students for state tests. Students will be able to choose from the list of courses from basic to preparation for state exam. In addition, they have ensured that the state exam obtained from the tongue can show in the future in any country of the European Union.

"In the interest of students and place of residence, according to their own school educational programs, for example, may specialize in legal or medical English, business courses or courses for children. It is up to them to decide. Their quality will be ensured by the Ministry of Education, which students will better guide to how to navigate the selection of language schools, "explains Gabriel Baladová reform of the Research Institute of Education, which prepares the changes. Change should cover nearly forty national language schools.

Currently operating six pilot schools, which tries to reform: • Language School of Prague • State Language School at Camp SOS Business • State Language School at the Business Academy, Hradec Kralove • State Language School in Ostrava • State Language School in Olomouc • Linguistic – Language school with state language exam wasps, the secondary music Šabršuly Ostrava


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