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University College - detailed information for newcomers Added:11.8. 2007
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University College - detailed information for newcomers

The following lines are intended primarily for those who have not had the wonderful opportunity to reside in university dormitories. Find out what you are waiting, what you may, you should not etc.

The following lines are intended primarily for those who have not had the wonderful opportunity to reside in university dormitories. Find out what you are waiting, what you may, you should not etc.

Whether you serve this information to create images of life of students in a foreign city, torn from life, else's mercy to all those things that have been living with his parents when strictly prohibited. I wish you good luck! ** Colleges ** • Higher „college“ is used for the accommodation of university students. • Each university has its own dormitory, in the worst case, some leased from other universities. • accommodation fee that pay is only part of your housing on campus. On your accommodation assistance through the state university. • From you, present or future accommodated students behind this post requires actually lived on campus, only those who were assigned to college, and accommodated students keep their living space in order, they were friendly hostel facilities, etc. In short – to adhere to the Halls of Residence Regulations. • On campus accommodation is not a student entitlement. ** ** Kolejka • It is a license to enter college. It is also used as protizáloha lending some things at the gate, such as vacuum cleaners, remote control television, etc. • I recommend wearing it all the time with you. Although it after your every janitor or porter is not always required, but certainty is a certainty. • Must be fitted to your photos. • In case of loss will issue new office accommodation for a small fee (approx. 100 CZK) ** Key ** • When entering the track „warrants“ a lot of other things also the room key. • At some universities, is also key to the room key from the main entrance. • If you lose, immediately notify the housing office where you for a small fee (about 100 CZK) put a new one. • If you lock yourself out the door, ask the concierge or janitor. ** Underwear ** • One of the things that need to be regularly replaced, the bed linen (if you're at least somewhat clean). • replacing them every 14 days (depending on the university). • If you „launderette“ issue damaged clothes, take her back to him, that could be eliminated and replaced by a new one. This is because the clothes from the laundry comes in bales, and so usually can not tell whether it is torn. • If your clothes fall apart during use, go to replace it immediately. If it is obvious that you're tearing it yourself, you will not be required to cover. Blankets and pillows ** ** • Nothing is eternal, so when you find that the steam blankets or pillows, or otherwise lose their quality, please report it immediately. ** ** Disorders of all kinds • report any malfunction (údržbářům, concierge, …). • If you find fault when it is not whom to report (in the evening or at other times outside working hours), report it to the concierge (porter – he always knows everything and everywhere were at least twice: o)) • The most common disorders:

  • Failure of electricity (lights, sockets)
  • Water (flowing toilets, dripping faucets)
  • Etc.

** ** Damage • Damage to intentionally cause or its gross negligence, you will be charged in full. • Sometimes going through the rooms of control (mostly based on giving) and check the status of dorm facilities. ** Washer ** • Some universities have to track the achievement, which is called the laundry. • Keys from the laundry room is usually lend at the reception against deposit (+ a few bucks kolejka backup). • Key can usually keep only a short time to wash clothes and then return immediately – you are not here yet myself: o) ** Television ** • We already own television each university. Keys (if the TV is placed in a closet) and remote control are usually borrow on the reception kolejku and sometimes even in advance. • The „better“ colleges also have programs a la HBO or Eurosport: o) ** Piano ** • Some colleges also boast a piano. • Keys from the „music“ room again, you can borrow against the reception kolejce. • Playing time is limited mostly 8:00–22:00 pm. ** Sports ** • If you sportuchtiví and track the school playground, you can borrow at the reception (what does all that: o)) such as volleyball net, balls, volleyball and football etc. • Sometimes there are also rooms for table tennis, gym, … • And as with everything, you will be renting again become kolejku and sometimes even backup. ** Internet ** • Some colleges have in some or all of their rooms already built connections to the Internet. • Other Internet have only one or a few of their rooms. ** The accommodation fee ** • The accommodation fee can be paid in cash or bank transfer. • Information you submit on occupancy. If you do not know, the janitor will surely know. ** ** Student Visits • Any visit is recorded at the gatehouse. • Some universities require leaving one of your documents at the reception (OP kolejka, etc.) • Write the name of the guest's name visited, arrival time, room number, etc. • Stay the visit is limited (to about 22.00)

The article was taken from our partner site This is only approximate, the rules for individual facilities may vary.

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