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SERVICE for a freshman - calculate how much money a month to study? Added:24.8. 2007
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SERVICE for a freshman - calculate how much money a month to study?

The year is coming freshmen and their parents are certainly interested in how much money and will probably need a month to support the study.

The main expense is accommodation fee. It is different and the exact amount is available at your school. „I paid 1200 CZK, but we were in the room in four and a social worker have in common with the guys,“ said Misha, who is studying in Brno. Are common but much more options: „We paid over three thousand, we were dvojbuňce with private bathroom,“ says Lenka studying in Prague.

Another expense is the fare. We recommend you to use student tickets or group discounts. Alternatively, regular bus Eurolines and Student Agency, some lines are better. Most students pay quarterly list of urban public transport, especially when studying in Brno and Prague, then it is between 500 and 650 crowns.

You will also pay for a lot of food – enough to own you may be surprised how many. Lunch in the canteen will be on 20 – 45Kč, is the most expensive meal in Prague. Other options are different meníčka in restaurants, often financially, but especially the quality and taste, it's worth. Most schools have a bagel should be subsidized.

Some count the costs of particularly well at the beginning of the semester learning needs – textbooks, copying, printing, etc. The amount of these fees are highly variable.

Total expenditure for the month, the majority of students move on the baseline 4500 – 5000 CZK. Most students have recovered, even to the occasional hired brigades so that they can afford now and then something extra, like a concert, etc.

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