Students will be able to earn more money Added:26.8. 2007
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Students will be able to earn more money

Undergraduate students should have by next year, could earn much more money. It would allow them the forthcoming law on financial assistance for students, now working the Ministry of Education. According to him, would for July and August to students to work together three hundred hours, in the remainder of the year, one hundred hours per month. Now they can only work 150 hours a year.

College students would have next year to earn more money without fear of losing welfare benefits or other student benefits. Now they can only work 150 hours a year, after a change might work more than 300 hours.

Changes are included in the draft law on financial assistance for students, which works not by the Ministry of Education. Employers could pay students a monthly maximum of twelve thousand crowns would not pay for their health and social work students and would be a tax advantage.

For students, this change meant mainly higher chance to gain experience while studying. Businesses would work with individual universities, which would have recommended them to students for each specific job. Students would be able to forget about the debilitating and unnecessary brigade for cash registers in supermarkets or warehouses. Would have earned on their studies and after graduation would be able to demonstrate practical knowledge in the field.

If the student will earn while studying, not worrying about contributions to colleges or other contributions to the study. The limit for earnings is 120 thousand crowns a year, which will not be hard to keep.

The success of the act depends on whether we manage to convince members that it is sufficiently protected against abuse.


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