Ivo Beneda been appointed dean of the Faculty of Law, UP Added:5.9. 2007
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Ivo Beneda been appointed dean of the Faculty of Law, UP

After careful consideration of all circumstances and after repeated discussions with a candidate for dean of Law Faculty of the UP – Mgr. Mgr. Bachelor Ivo Beneda – Rector UP Lubomir Dvorak rejected a proposal of the Academic Senate Faculty of Law of 22 UP June 2007 and the selected candidate to appoint a Dean of Law Faculty of the UP.

The professor said Dvorak gave the following statement:

„The rector is the proposal of the Academic Senate is bound in the sense that Dean can not appoint someone other than who it was designed. On the other hand, there is an obligation given by the Rector to appoint anyone who was designed. This is evident not only from the actual text of the Act, but also differences such as the current wording of the Higher Education Act from the previous legislation (§ 10 paragraph. 2 point. b) of Act No.. 172/1990.: Academic Senate faculty "elected dean of the faculty professors and associate professors and removed him from office“). Corresponds to the traditions and culture of a free and democratic academic environment of public universities, the University rector to result in the election of a candidate Dean respected. However, it is only in power, but even the duty of the Rector not to such a proposal, if it considers that such a proposal is in fundamental conflict with the interests of the faculty, or even the whole university. I'm not convinced that the elected candidate can successfully perform a demanding Dean Faculty of Law – experience and results of academic activities are not sufficient Iva Beneda. Furthermore, I can not ignore the issue of fair election of a candidate for the Dean – Ivo Beneda attended not only throughout the preparation and organization of elections (and even after the express approval of his candidacy), but even participated themselves and secret ballot. "

According to the proposal of the Academic Senate Faculty of Law, Palacky University in Olomouc was Mgr. Mgr. Bc Ivo Beneda elected candidate for this academic dean of the Senate by secret ballot on 21 June this year, mostly eight votes to seven votes received by the second candidate, prof. JUDr. Milan Hrušáková, PhD.

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