Liberec University invites you to the linguistic and literary conference Added:9.9. 2007
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Liberec University invites you to the linguistic and literary conference

For the fourth time on the ground of the Technical University of Liberec meet literary scholars and linguists in the international scientific conference EUROLITTERARIA / Eurolingua. The festival takes place on 13 and 14 September 2007.

The main theme of the meeting of professional creativity in literature and language. „Participation in this conference, pledged more than sixty professionals,“ said Catherine Impacts of organizing the Department of Czech language and literature FP TUL. In addition to local linguists and literary scholars in Liberec traditionally presented a number of guests from Slovakia and Poland.

On Thursday 13 September will perform in the hall of the building with his M Posts example, Professor George knave, Professor Joseph N. Rostinsky, Professor George Dudok, Slavomir Ondřejovice Associate Professor, Associate Professor Jaroslav Bartosek and more. Discussions in the sub-literary, linguistic, but also didactic sections will continue on Friday, 14 September in building F.

The conference program is available on the website of the Department of Czech Language and Literature „FP TUL.“: Http://www.fp­ The meeting is open to the public and all interested in literary and philological issues are of course welcome.

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