Teaching Chinese at the Confucius Academy Added:18.9. 2007
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Teaching Chinese at the Confucius Academy

On 26 9th 2007 will be held at 12:30 in the courtyard of the Rector of Palacky University (Křížkovského 8, Olomouc) official opening of Confucius Academy. This is the first educational center focused on teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture in the Czech Republic.

Among the core institutions are:

  • Chinese language teacher training
  • Organization of Chinese tests and tests of competence to teach Chinese as a foreign language
  • Providing activities related to teaching Chinese
  • Sponsoring academic activities related to Chinese and Chinese culture.

Also includes screenings of Chinese films and television programs.

Why was The importance of Chinese, in terms of world languages ​​increases. In addition to 1.3 billion people who use Chinese as their mother tongue, she is currently studying the use of a further 300 million people as a foreign language. Opening the Confucian Academy is expected to supply more information about China to foreign countries.

Who is the intended The organization's ac­tivities not only to university students interested in studying the language, but the general public.

For more information, visit „site Palacky University.“: Http://www.upol.cz

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