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Banks offer students many benefits Added:2.10. 2007
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Banks offer students many benefits

Banking products designed specifically for students, offering today almost every bank, whether the current accounts and loans for study. All these things have a fundamental fact. Banks are trying.

Students at secondary schools and banks are very attractive target group. Why? It can be assumed that students satisfied with their account after completion of studies often become creditworthy clients of the bank. And no doubt it is best to capture the client already in his early age, on which banks are also trying to offer excellent conditions for special products for students. Students have to choose from, because they offer products for the constantly expanding. Student accounts are standard current accounts, which students can set up universities and higher vocational schools and in some cases even high school students. Currently offering student accounts, most Czech banks. What are their advantages? One of the advantages of student accounts with most banks higher interest on deposits, then the possibility of overdraft, account maintenance free, usually is not applicable, nor for the statement of account and a free publication and management of credit cards.

** Direct banking facilities are standard ** Most students now have access to the Internet and are accustomed to using modern technology, so a normal part of student's account and access the account via direct banking services. In addition, students use for their clients also usually pay no fee. Statistics say that most students use internet banking, but have also the choice of GSM or telephone banking. It is not unusual that they can use all services simultaneously.

Another big advantage is the possibility of student accounts using overdraft. Overdraft gives students the opportunity to draw up to minus the amount of approved credit limit. Most banks while the students do not require proof of income to verify creditworthiness. Students can get an overdraft from 5 000 to 40 000 crowns.

To create student accounts must be a valid identity card and, if minors birth certificate and a valid certificate of legal representative, whose presence is required when opening an account. The need is also a written confirmation of school education. Opening an account is a bit complicated for those students who are underage.

** Comparison ** accounts for students Bank / Account Name / interest rate / fee Science / Credit Card / Overdraft

Czech Savings Bank / Student + / 0.85% / free / Yes, free / Yes, up to 40,000 CZK CSOB / Student Account / 0.15% / free / Yes, free / Yes, up to 40,000 CZK GE Money Bank / Genius Student / 0.10% / free / Yes, free / Yes, up to 5,000 CZK Commercial Bank / Student Account G2 / 0.40% / free / Yes, free / Yes, up to 20,000 CZK Postal Savings Bank / giro Junior / 1.10% / CZK 10 monthly / Yes, free / Yes, up to 20,000 CZK Raiffeisenbank / Kompletkonto Student / 0.01 to 1.20% / CZK 20 monthly / Yes, free / Yes, up to 5,000 CZK Volksbank / Free Account / 0.75% / free / Yes, free / Yes, up to 20,000 CZK Zivnostenska Bank / Student Account / 0.53% / 19 CZK per month / Yes, free / Yes, up to 5,000 CZK

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