IBM will teach IT at universities Added:27.9. 2007
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IBM will teach IT at universities

The world-famous company IBM has decided to provide a technically oriented high schools staff who will directly assist in teaching science. They consider the fact that university graduates do not get during the study really necessary skills.

According to company representatives at the programming techniques are taught, but rather as a theoretical discipline. Students usually do not learn what service is actually delivered to customers. They can not, what is their daily bread, for example, every IT administrator. That is to provide customers with consultation, and set up systems and metrics that reflect new trends in information technology.

At the University of Technology (VUT) in Brno and Masaryk University therefore help IBM employees now introduce a new subject entitled „IT Service Management“.

Interest in him is reportedly high. For example, BUT the number of listeners rate for half a year more than doubled. Masaryk University plans to expand the teaching of the subject even in a separate program.

Source: People's newspa­pers, websites IBM

Author: Trčková, Hana

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