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Jak psát seminární práci

As one would not have enough other troubles, teachers often stores attended the third or fourth years of secondary school a difficult task: to develop a seminar paper.

Perhaps you are among those who intend to download everything from the Internet. Such an approach may not be paid. Not only do you risk disclosure and related issues. Moreover prošvihnete opportunity to see how the professional work forms. The knowledge that you could get at it, not to mention. So, if you have not started and want to make your work worth a damn, you have a high time to get down to work.

** ** The theme If you write the work to complete your studies in high school for her to choose one of the subjects on which you intend to graduate. Not only does this deepen their knowledge, but well-prepared homework can help you hard time leaving the commission, and even add positive points of entrance examinations. When choosing a topic, keep in mind two basic rules. Firstly, if at all possible, choose an area to which you close, and something which you know. Most of the information as you dohledávat course, but if the issue of orienting at least some advance work will be easier and you can get into more depth. Second, once you know what area to focus, try to narrow down the topic as much as possible. Is expected that your work will actually discuss the problem thoroughly. If the topic is too broad, too ztížíte to work and just can not meet expectations. Also, remember that your essay is to bring something new! At the end of your choice, consult with the teacher, in which you want to do the work. Consider whether you have chosen well and can contribute handy advice. Work in the course of work.

** Assembly ** Literature and sources Review the professional and related literature SEARCH in professional journals, archives. Ask for advice in the library, visit a specialist or someone who has the experience you need. With Internet use (especially popular Wikipedia – the rather skip altogether) Be careful. Sometimes it is very difficult to verify the reliability of the source. Find more websites devoted to that field and even there, beware. Validate sure that whoever wrote the article, is indeed an expert.

** Breakdown of work ** You should keep roughly the following breakdown: 1) introduction and objective of the work, 2) a theoretical part (processing literature, the view of other authors on the subject), 3) methodological part (where you describe your approach to the topic or methods used), 4) You can combine results and discussion, 5) Finally, 6) notes, 7) of Annex 8), abbreviations (if any), 9) a list of references and sources.

** Quote ** Surely you've heard many times that simply opsáním text from the book (without mentioning that it is a quote) is committing copyright infringement. Such behavior would you would backfire. Moreover, the issue for their own strange ideas are silly and certainly does not prove it, that you were on some level. Therefore prefer to follow standards for bibliographic citations. The overview is available on the website as „ / article / citace.php“:…k/citace.php.

** Bonus finding: ** You know that with such a professional work that can be drawn up and compete? Check with your teacher if your school competitions in secondary vocational activities. If not, you would like to participate, see the pages „“:

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