The Special Branch: Marketing Communications and PR Added:16.5. 2013
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The Special Branch: Marketing Communications and PR

Social anthropology, international relations, gender studies … also from the stew in your head? In our new Specials OF BRANCHES your taste of less-known subjects. Learn what is the subject of their studies, they have to study subjects and how the application provides graduates. The first fruit of the Marketing Communications. Note: Article was updated first 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

Since 2004, it is possible to study the „Charles University.“: Http://iksz.fsv­ field, which is in the Czech Republic and a new awareness in general been quite unknown. Check with us about what is involved and what potential students waiting for such a course.

** What is the subject of study? ** Many people in marketing communication links equip supermarket and think that just work associated with the operation of the supermarket is the main subject area (like you think it's a bit naive and exaggerated, but that assumption, I met so many times that I must immediately refute At first ). In fact, it is only a tiny fraction of the area to which the study focuses. Marketing communications are all relevant communications with the market. Interfere with commercial and non-commercial (in which case it may be the political, social, or institutional communication) sector. They use different methods and means, some of which you know (such as direct marketing and direct mail letters or leaflets). The basic principle of PR is, in the words PhDr. Paul Dolanský, field supervisor at Charles University, the maintenance of „good will“. What can imagine it? Public relations can be seen as providing good communication links between institutions, between institutions and the customer, even within the institution itself. For greater clarity, I give an example: the PR department of a party should, inter alia, work on how the page appears in the public eye, what shape nejkladnější media image of the party.

** Items ** Branch focuses on marketing from the perspective of communication strategies can be expected subjects of psychology and sociology-type focused on marketing communications, while almost no space here is devoted to the economy, some will be pleased that mathematics (and the objects it uses) would seek in vain in the schedule. Instead, you study such as law and ethics in marketing, marketing strategy, nor forget the marketing for the nonprofit sector and the creation of the brand. Selection of PR is a little poorer, in addition to knowledge of marketing, however, use objects as history and theory of public relations, communication with media and articles focused on research and utilization of media in general.

** Application ** The study will help broaden horizons and give you a number of theoretical knowledge, some of which in practice will certainly appreciate. But future success depends a lot on you. The title you can travel easier, but it nevyšlape itself. Already during her studies awaits mandatory practice. After completing this field you should be prepared to work in the sphere of public relations. You can search for jobs such as marketing, communications or PR agency in the agency for market research, you can apply as a speaker. Branch is a bachelor, does not have a master's degree, but it is possible to establish such branch of Media Studies (Masters degree designed primarily bachelors of journalism).

Related fields ** ** Marketing Communications and PR in the Czech Republic a unique field, but very similar to the field of marketing communications, you can study on „Tomas Bata“:… <= en & type = 0 in Zlin ( is also focused on the creative side of marketing in design, but focuses on marketing communications, not public relations). Marketing Communications offers a „College of International and Public Relations Prague“:… the Bachelor in Public Administration and Public Relations or Master's degree in Political Science and Politics international relations.

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