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Přehled událostí maturitního ročníku

When to apply to college? How many times do I participate in international comparative tests? What is the difference between stužkovacím parties and graduation ball? In the following article you will be guided core grade graduation events.

Maturitnímu year can be attributed adjective „dramatic“. During the school year because students are not only feared adulthood test, fill and submit applications for college, but also arranging stužkovacího design prom party or table. The following article will bring you a chronological overview of events that you expect this year.

** Application ** Leaving Certificate – the document, you agree to the final examination of your selected items. Underestimate its decision, the selected objects can not be changed. Deadline dates at the end of December.

** ** Stužkovací party – during the gala evening, where students with their teachers reflect on the past years, students are smuggled into maturantského state. He reminds them that the final test is no longer cowers behind the door and it came time to look into scraps and start learning.

** ** Graduation Ball – often confused with stužkovacím parties. Unlike him, however, used a wider circle of society – it can participate educators, students, as well as parents and friends.

** Application ** to college – by the end of February is necessary to send the application.

** ** Tableau – boards decorated with photos of the class for the cost of building stores in early May.

** ** Graduation exam – written school-leaving exam, the students undergo a week before the start of Holy Week.

** ** The last bell – a week before „svaťákem“ when an original way to class farewell to their school.

** ** Holy Week – seven days of student absences from school-leaving examination in which students have a last chance to brush up leaving about a hundred questions, to supplement gaps in their knowledge and gain much needed strength to complete the upcoming test.

** Graduation ** – if you have successfully completed the final year of secondary education and made application in due course, access in May for graduation exam. It takes place before an examining board composed of a chairman, vice-graduate exams and class teacher.

** Entrance exams for college ** – National Comparative Test (NSZ) take place during the period from 1 3rd 2007 to 19 5th 2007th Each candidate has the right to participate in testing times, with his terms of admission will be counted only the best results. (NSZ Scio provides the dates March 24, 2007, 28 April 2007 and 19 May 2007). Entrance examinations in schools that do not require NSZ are held individually.

** Transfer Certificate **- graduation ceremony at a secondary school leaving certificate handover will take place in late May.

After a year of hard work awaits the students deserved – the longest school holidays!

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