Knowledge of schools are using every day, says graduate BUT Added:7.10. 2007
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Knowledge of schools are using every day, says graduate BUT

Paul Cooper in June this year has successfully completed high school with a master's degree. Five years studying electronics and communication engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT. While at school he founded his own small business with antenna and communication technology. Since leaving school he managed to handle three other trade licenses and all the work he is looking for himself. But as he says, knowledge of high school on a daily basis.

** Depending on what you mean choosing a college? **

When I take a high school, I mainly decided by field. I wanted to study the same or related fields like high school, it seemed a pity not to use what I learned in four years. That's why I put the application at the Technical University in Brno, the Technical University in Prague and Zlin. I got everywhere, but I finally decided to Brno went there because many of my classmates.

** It was studying at the Technical consuming? **

Hard to say. Rather, it depended on the teacher rather than an object or substance discussed. Ninety percent, but always paid direct correlation: the more students in the courses, the easier the exam at the end and the less people took away from teaching.

** I liked you study? **

Sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes less. The curricula are sometimes things that are directly related to my current business, I sometimes stayed until the end of the lecture. Generally, however, I hated objects, led by a demagogue, stiff and inflexible cantor.

** You should have the opportunity to study and complete some practice? **

While at school, I handled my first business license and I started a little business. I founded the online store and sell and fixed the antenna technology. I then put his own stamp as confirmed by the school. But in general, our field was determined that the student must have met monthly at the bachelor's practice and two weeks after the master's level.

** How did your small business to combine with school? **

So it was definitely challenging, but fortunately I had great friends who helped me. I borrowed notes from lectures, helped me in drawing up protocols and the like. Without them I would probably not handle it, because even though it was only a shop, I took up a lot of time on a regular basis.

** Nelákalo you a completed master's degree continue in doctoral studies? **

It nelákalo me at all. Others are, at best, three years of study. If I underwent, I would say from an expert, but I lost three years. During that time many things can be done. Could I mainly start to fully enjoy your business.

** It was hard after school to apply? **

A lot of people say that exercise after school is hard. I do not think so. I was lucky, because I'm at the end of the school even had to reject any offers. For me it depends on the person. The known low classmates who now have nothing to do.

** How do you now looking for a job? **

I'm working on license, which means that you are looking for work mainly alone. Either I'll come and work ad itself, or do I look for friends. Aerials and Satellites are increasingly in demand. So far I did not happen, I would not touch on what.

** I was a university course useful? Využíváš some knowledge in practice? **

Definitely. Not while to say that I use all the time in math knowledge, but knowledge of specialized subjects I use in my daily work. And I realize that more and more.

** If you now decide on the university sector, could you choose another? **

Maybe yes, because that my field (electronics and communication technology) is still generally small application. I guess I chose some automation.

** What would you advise students who are thinking about studying engineering? It is better to look for work in school, or wait until you finish school? **

I advise everyone to be no looking back after work during their studies. I'm sure it will be only for their good.

Author: Trčková, Hana

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