Change the name of the faculty of education departments TUL Added:10.10. 2007
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Change the name of the faculty of education departments TUL

Those interested in studying education at the Technical University in Liberec beware! Academic Senate of the University agreed to change the names of two departments at the Faculty of Education TUL.

French Language Department is renamed the Department of Romance Languages ​​Department of History Department of History. The new name is said to better reflect the current status and activities of these departments.

Department of French Language provides the 2007/08 academic year teaching in the field of study of Spanish Language Education, Department of History, and expanded its range of specialized undergraduate program of Historical Studies – field's cultural and museological studies.

"The changes were designed in accordance with long-term goal of the faculty, which extends its range. We try to meet demand and introduce non-teaching vocational courses and learning other languages. This year it is Spanish, which is a great interest, but in our region is still not taught, "explained Dean FP TUL Milos Raban.

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