The Special Field: International Relations Added:7.11. 2013
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The Special Field: International Relations

Interest in the study of international relations continues to grow. But not everyone knows exactly what's in this field study, which to him are compulsory subjects and what graduates. This and other practical information can be found here. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009

What is the subject of study?

According to the Department of International Relations and European Studies (MVES) Masaryk University is the "Concept study of international relations created so that students acquire and deepen knowledge and the related context of this study subject – theory of international relations, history, international relations, security and strategic studies , international organizations and international law. "As far as history, it is mainly about the events from 1648 to the present. Note that this field is often mistakenly confused with political science. The difference is that in politics you meet rather with the philosophical bases of political orientations, party systems of leadership or even political campaigns.

Courses === === Compulsory subjects at each school varies naturally, but they generally include the Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Geography, Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to international relations, the Czech foreign policy, security policy, international relations or history Theories of international relations. Students can further specialize through elective courses.

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The basic objective of the field of international relations is to ensure the most peaceful possible coexistence of different peoples, religions and ethnicities to Earth (photo: stock.xchng)

=== Application

If I quote a detailed list of MVES will find graduates of international relations exercise „on the analytical work in scientific and teaching activities at universities, in the structures of political parties and in the journalistic profession. Significant scope for graduates in this field represents a job in government and diplomatic services. Particularly then in international organizations, both in terms of representation of the Czech political representation, and in the administrative apparatus or economic interests. “

Where it is possible to study?

„Charles University“:… degree in Bachelor of International Area Studies and International Area Studies. On the „Masaryk University“: you study international relations, either single-subject, or in combination with another discipline. Advise can then be combined with security and strategic studies (about them, refer to one of our next articles) or the European study, which is basically a kind of sub-areas of international relations, focusing on Europe and the EU. Related fields are also of Political Science and European Studies at the „University of Palacky in Olomouc“:…dijni-obory/. „West University“: (Pilsen) also offers a bachelor program of the International Area Studies with subjects International relations – East European Studies and International Relations – British and American Studies. „Metropolitan University in Prague“: http://www.mup.cznabízí bachelor's and master's degree in International Relations and European Studies. „High School of International and Public Relations“: Prague also offers a Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy.

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