TUL - the highest ever number of students Added:10.10. 2007
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TUL - the highest ever number of students

Technical University of Liberec (TUL) reported an increase of students. Those in this year's 54th academic year to first-year enrolled in 3368, which is compared with the previous year by 325 and předloňským year by 677 more. A growing trend is reflected in the overall number of students – while last year on campus studying 8550 students, this year is enrollment numbers 9343rd

The most popular enjoys Faculty of Education, in whose first year for the academic year 2007 – 2008 students enrolled in 1075. In its shadow is the oldest audience of 841 Liberec Faculty – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of further economic (589). Increased interest felt the newly established Institute for Health Studies Program TUL Nursing – General Nursing. Faculty of Arts and Architecture TUL opted compared to last year, fewer candidates. "The number of entries does not decrease. We do not want to increase the capacity of our faculty. Deliberately limited the number of students pursuing excellence in teaching and individual approach to students, "said Dean of FAU TUL Jiri Suchomel.

According to information applicable to 27 September this year to launch TUL bachelor students in 2792. The MA program enrolled 421 students the first year of a five-year master's program board 155 students.

For more information, see „here.“: Http://tuni.tul­.cz/clanek/3049/

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