Flibble 2007 - informatics competition for secondary school students Added:18.10. 2007
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Flibble 2007 - informatics competition for secondary school students

FIT BUT announces second annual programming contest creative work for high school students Flibble 2007th The theme of the competition are programs that can be used in any way to support teaching.

** ** Themes for inspiration

  • Tools for teaching mathematics, physics, computer science, geography, languages, …
  • Educational Computer Games
  • Communication, Internet, information retrieval
  • Other programs that meet the initial entry. Remember that values ​​and ideas.

** The solution should contain **

  • Source code for the translated + application (if the compiled code)
  • Instructions for compilation and installation (makefile or other script translation is welcome) and using
  • Description of the problem and the solution (to what it is, how you address key issues) in plain text or HTML file on the extent of approximately 10000 characters

** Acceptable programming languages ​​**

  • C, C + + (must be translatable GCC v.4)
  • JAVA (compatible with Sun's J2SE 5.0)
  • Pascal (must be translatable FreePascal compiler that is compatible with Borland Pascal 7.0)
  • Python
  • Note: This is a competition focusing on practical programming, would prefer to avoid visual designers of applications (C + + Builder, Java Builder, Delphi, etc.), which is not clear what created the programmer, and what program.

Organizational information ** **

  • Participants must be in school year 2007/2008, students of any school and must be aged 15 years and above.
  • The contest is intended primarily for individuals, but it may also participate in teams of up to 3 members (in this case, the REGISTER everyone, but choose the agent with whom we communicate).
  • The contest has a capacity of 30 entries, register early.
  • Delivery time is 23 competition entry November 2007.
  • The authors of winning entries will receive attractive prizes.
  • The contest can register through the „this page.“: Http://www.fit­.vutbr.cz/even­ts/soutez/Filu­ta/.cs.iso-8859–2

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