COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Science - Part I Added:12.10. 2007
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Science is a popular and promising field. In the Czech Republic can be studied at many different schools, often in those where it would definitely not looking. In the first episode we bring you an overview and classification. Note: Article was updated on 8th 12th 2009 (-HUS-).

If you decide to study information technology, first consider how high your interest in the field and at what level your knowledge of science and mathematics now.

Given that the study offers a wide range of applications, it is up to you whether you choose a school with a big reputation, or select a feasible option that may be less demanding but still manages to meet your expectations.

Schools provide a variety of topics from purely technical subjects to those who do not have much in common with the technique. The technical concept is almost always more or less connected to electrical engineering, so it is often to graduates of průmyslovek. On the contrary, information technology, combined with the type of economics courses, management, logistics, chemicals, often to graduate schools. This is partially due to the different areas of interest towards the study of technical and general secondary schools. Neither, however, is by no means the rule.

** Fields with the technical concept of Science ** Among the schools focused primarily on technical guidelines include CTU their „Faculty of Electrical Engineering“:, BUT with the „Faculty of Information Technology“: . / en or „Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology“:…/…, „University of Pardubice – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science“: http:// / Science / index.html University of West Bohemia in Pilsen – „Faculty of Applied Sciences“:, „Faculty of Electrical Engineering“: / (mainly focused on electrical engineering), then we can classify the Masaryk University in Brno – „Faculty of Informatics':, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava -“ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science „:, Technical University of Liberec – "Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Studies“: Enough of them has several technical disciplines. Most of them involves the study of science. Somewhere, a computer science itself (an example is the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno), while the share of IT Electrical Engineering (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Pardubice). The possibilities are really a lot of this depends on what steps will. Studying Computer Science is also possible for two science faculties, and that „the Palacky University in Olomouc“: and „University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“: http://www.prf.jcu . com.

** Fields of combining informatics with knowledge of other areas ** Another option, study programs, which link the study of Information Technology in obtaining evidence from another field. When such a combination of two different sectors can be expected to both give you so deeply, as if you lived alone. The advantage is that you can combine two things that you enjoy, and with a little skill to become the IT expert with a specific focus. Among schools with this approach is really a great choice, you can also search the above appointed. Interestingly we, „Faculty of Informatics and Statistics“: University in Prague, „Faculty of Chemical Technology“:…e/fcht/index and 'Faculty of Chemical engineering „:…akulty/fchi/ University of Chemical Technology,“ Faculty of Applied Science „: and“ Faculty of Management and Economics „: at Tomas Bata University in Zlín,“ Business Administration „: Silesian University in Karvina,“ Faculty of Informatics and Management „: http : / / / fim University of Hradec Kralove, "Technical Faculty“: and „Faculty of Economics“: Czech Agriculture University in Prague, „Faculty of Economics“: Mendel University in Brno, „Faculty of Military Technology“: / Pages / default.aspx Defense University.

A separate group consists mainly of „Mathematics and Physics“: Charles University, which still occupies the first place on the imaginary ladder of prestige and performance. But it is not easy to assess whether other institutions so really dwarfs, or whether it has a mere rumor.

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