Opening the National Technical Library in Prague Added:14.10. 2007
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Opening the National Technical Library in Prague

National Technical Library (NTL), which already grows year on Fleming Square in Prague 6, should open in autumn 2009. It will be the largest library building in Prague since 1927. The cost of construction will peak at 2.1 billion.

The new library building place their funds technical colleges. Nor will go to the shelves of books from NTL Klementinum, move out from where the State Technical Library. Your place in the new building will also find city library of Prague sixth circuit.

The building will have six floors dedicated to public spaces and administrative facilities, as well as three underground floors for the storage of books and parking. NTL offers visitors nearly 1,300 readers in more places than 50 reading rooms and 400 personal computers connected to the Internet throughout the building will be functional wireless connection.

For more information, click ‚here‘:…90-technick% E1 + library-000000_d-83.

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