COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Science - II. part Added:5.11. 2007
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In the second part of the science observations will bring students who are studying or have studied at various schools. Learn what you can do on Matfyzu, Technical University, Brno, Technical University of Liberec, Economics and the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University.

** John V., 19 years, the study program Informatics, Mathematics and Physics, Charles University ** With my field I am quite satisfied because I can not imagine myself, that I should learn some other things – suits me the substance they do not blindly memorize, but saves a lot of work to understand. The studios are awarded, in addition to smaller homework, or even a semester of coursework, etc., so the student gets the necessary experience.

Every week, we have approximately eleven „dvouhodinovek“ (every time one and a half hours), typically four to five days a week, but it depends on luck and skill in compiling the schedule. The length of homework is probably quite individual, but I could not estimate the order must be for a few hours a week (not applicable to the examination, it is really quite a subjective matter).

** Zdenek V., 21, a course in Information Technology, Faculty of Information Technology BUT ** The study is focusing a lot on programming, systems design and software engineering as such. Although in itself the expert you could do to prepare you for future job very well. The course is challenging enough, but not in time. In the first year we had two days off. The majority of subjects were a number of projects, which one should give enough free time. At the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology it is possible to obtain various certifications in the field, and collaboration with firms of type IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.

** D. Roman, 26 years old, degree in Applied Science, Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University in Brno ** Studying at the Faculty of Science, I would recommend anyone who wants to understand the basic principles of science. I would not recommend it to those who wait from the study of the acquisition of practical knowledge and experience. Compulsory lectures covering IT more breadth than depth. Students may select the optional lectures, seminars, or their involvement in the activities of some laboratories to enhance their knowledge. It is only on whether the student really wants.

Teaching took one to four days a week, depending on the year of study.

** Michael W., 21 years degree course in Computer Science and Logistics, Technical University of Liberec ** I would recommend this scope to anyone who has at least a little interest in technology and wants to learn a little more about what everyone uses today. Another thing is that students are learning something from other disciplines such as economics, accounting, logistics as well as philosophy. Regarding IT, students learn how little of all backgrounds.

Teaching block takes two hours and 90 minutes. Some subjects found the length of about 135–180 minutes. Number of working days in full and, therefore, five days a week. Homework is not too difficult, mostly concerned with the development of homework, semester work and labs.

** Daniel U., 22, a former student of CTU – electrical engineering and computer science, currently studying at University, majoring in Computer Science ** To get their knowledge from school managed to CTU, I could do almost nothing else than to learn (a lot of studies focused on electrical engineering, more so for people from průmyslovek). The University has to learn for anything, like mathematics, economics. Specialized courses I like and usually do not require regular training, so visiting the two jobs and even some free time he is found. If someone interested in computers, can some basics of programming, I would extend my horizons and has acquired a more general overview, not only in terms of IT, then definitely recommend University.

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