The Special Field: Applied Computer Science and Informatics Added:20.10. 2007
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The Special Field: Applied Computer Science and Informatics

To understand the functioning of information technology or move on? It will then open a wide range of degree programs, Applied Computer Science and Informatics. In today's special work on areas of specialization will learn about subjects that are in these fields, you can enjoy, where you can study, and other practical information. Note: Article was updated first 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** Where ** Study of Informatics offers a number of colleges and universities, just choose according to your tastes. Teaching information technology can be found on the menu such as the catalog of study, Masaryk University, Charles University, School of Economics, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava University of JEPurkyně, Tomas Bata University, University of Ostrava, Institute of Information Management and Economics, University School of Finance and Administration and others. You can also choose any of the private schools. You can choose from a wide range of disciplines and a combination of separate single-subject study titled Computer Science, Informatics and Mathematical via Computer graphics and image processing, to artificial intelligence.

** ** Assumptions Entrance exams for subjects they have in their title the word science, they have one common denominator – mathematics. Most attention is devoted to the selection process to her. Behind her followed a foreign language because a trained computer scientist should be in addition to information technology can also control at least one foreign language. Whether you like it or not, the alpha and omega for you will be English. Those interested in studying computer science should also be friend with physics, because many fields of study lies just below the physical educational programs.

** What is the subject of study? ** The aim of science courses is to prepare specialists in the design, maintenance, dissemination and use of information systems. Students will learn how to analyze information from internal and external information sources, how to program database, application software, web sites and how to design information systems. Simply should get an overview of information technology, should understand their principles and foundations. Students will pay only the mathematical and physical vzorečkům, but will also be educated in the subjects of economic or social science as the study of science can combine several fields of information technology that have seemingly nothing in common. At the University of Tomas Bata in Zlin you need to study computer science with a focus on information technology, information technology in business practice or a science teacher for elementary and secondary schools.

** Items ** Necessity, they come across students of all possible combinations, as mathematics, physics, computer science and foreign language. Other items depend on the combination and orientation of each particular field. Information technology, focusing the student will deal with subjects such as Computer Systems, Computer Networks and Communication Engineering Information Systems, Operating Systems, Application of computers for production control, Theoretical and Applied Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. A student who chooses to study information technology in business practice, then penetrates into the secrets of computer technology in everyday reality of companies and public administration organizations. Students of Teaching Science for primary and secondary schools will not lose the type of objects methods of artificial intelligence, system programming, and creation of websites, but also will address the specifics of teaching, such as how to cope with educational problems. His knowledge will then verify and teaching practice in selected school.

** Application ** Basis of the work for the establishment of a graduate computer science or management-intensive and highly specialized applications in the field of information systems, analytical work, software development and testing, design and management of information technology management company or organization, consulting, training and consulting, professional computer graphics and web design, management safety information systems, research and development in new information and knowledge technologies. In addition to this knowledge, it would further benefit the company should be an original way of solving problems, because information technology is one of the most dynamic sectors that are currently studying.

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