The Special Branch: Security and Strategic Studies Added:25.4. 2013
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The Special Branch: Security and Strategic Studies

Concerned about security problems in today's world? Are you searching for the causes of terrorism? Watching the voltage evolution of armed conflicts in the world? Then try to log in a new field of Security and Strategic Studies. Note: Article was updated first 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

This study is among the youngest at Czech universities. This separate scientific discipline began to take shape in Western democracies at the turn of the forties and fifties of the twentieth century. After integration into European and global security structures and the corresponding increase in the educational requirements of various security forces began to appear as needed (especially after September 11, 2001) to provide space for specialized academic education. Therefore, in the 2005/06 academic year for the first time in the Czech Republic set up in the bachelor's degree in Security and Strategic Studies, on „Department of Political Science of Masaryk University in Brno.“: Http://polit.fss­­mace-o -studio-security-and-strategic-studies It is now possible at the same university to study Security and Strategic Studies and the Master's or postgraduate level. Master of Security Studies offers study and Faculty of Social Sciences at the „Institute of Political Studies.“: Http://ips2.fsv­

** ** The content of studies

Students of this field in the three years acquainted with the nature and history of strategic thinking, with the security threats of the 21st century and with contemporary armed conflicts. The selection can give lectures and specialized one issue such as terrorism, arms policy, ethnic conflict, information warfare, extremism, organized crime and the like. Branch Security and Strategic Studies in Brno, but not single-subject study. This obligation, however, the two disciplines provides students with multiple approaches to security and a greater variety of research topics.

** Application ** students

The entire study is directed to a comprehensive approach to security. Graduates of Security Studies will have the option of extensive practical application, namely:

  1. in the security forces (army, police, intelligence services, etc.), especially at positions where the required undergraduate higher education;
  2. in public administration at all levels (such as security experts in regional bodies, ministries, etc.);
  3. diplomacy (such as diplomats in international security and political organizations);
  4. in the field of political consulting (especially politicians as professional advisors who deal with security issues, or as a party experts in the field);
  5. in the economic sphere (as experts in companies, which are essential for the security-political analysis, whether due to goods produced or traded, or given the risk regions in which they operate);
  6. non-governmental humanitarian organizations (such as security-political organizations, experts who work in hazardous areas, or focus on addressing security threats such as corruption, proliferation, human trafficking etc.);
  7. in the media sphere (as security professionals in all types of media);
  8. in teaching and academic research.

** STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Dalibor Jenne ** 5.semestr Security and Strategic Studies – International Relations, European Studies 7.semestr – International Relations, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno

Why did you choose the security field of study?

I first began studying dvouobor International Relations – European Studies. When I was after the first semester of the faculty not only be taken out, but even I found that I can take it quite well, so I modeled a number of my classmates began to peek over something else. BSS (Security and Strategic Studies) impressed me as a genuine opportunity, because at that time was offered for the first time (not just the FSS, but basically in the whole CR). I applied to them so for two main reasons: to study something that does not make every second (like law), while appropriately complete knowledge of the MC and EC.

Filled the study of this field Your expectations?

Basically yes. Since I knew little FSS, so I guessed that the study will be mainly theoretical and that no military exercises can not be expected. Most teachers from the Department of Political Science, but it appears very interesting for several freelancers from practice. I learned a lot of interesting information, so you definitely do not regret BSS studies.

What is its content, what discipline entails?

The content industry are security issues in both international (armed conflicts, migration) and national (terrorism, extremism) view. Everything is analyzed theoretically and more emphasis on social sciences, respectively. political science analysis. For example, the technical nuances of weapon systems are really only a very marginal part of the study.

What are entrance exams?

Entrance exams run on all subjects taught at the FSS in principle as well. So consisted of two parts: a social science study and test assumptions.

What do you like most about this industry, and what does?

Most of all I like the friendly atmosphere that the entire FSS exists both in relation with teachers and among students themselves. Lectures are on average quite interesting and the student has the opportunity during which to express their opinion. On the contrary, the whole problem of FSS (not just this industry) is unfortunately almost non-existent teaching of foreign languages. If you plan to be in college as you learn another language, so here you can forget it.

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Author: Wurmová, Nela

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