Lawyers will be able to rehearse trials Added:23.10. 2007
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Lawyers will be able to rehearse trials

Faculty of Law, one of the largest in the world, won the first time since its opening in 1931, new classrooms. Faculty is opened in the attic of a newly repaired several classrooms and the courtroom. Here, students can experience what tricks lawyers from television screens operate at a trial here that the teaching will take place.

In the courtroom, not missing a small room with a special mirror that people can see each other in the movies – the mirror can be seen only in one direction and serve to secure the witnesses to identify perpetrators. Under Secretary of the Faculty of Tomas Horacek the hall would soon be positioned as a Web camera that will transmit the training processes in real time to other lecture halls.

In addition to the courtroom in the new premises of the five smaller classes with about 150 seats, three computer classrooms and small conference room.

Source: Ministry Today, Reuters

Author: Trčková, Hana

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