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School education interest PAMPAEDIA Added:31.10. 2007
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School education interest PAMPAEDIA

Want to learn how to speak in public? Process newspaper report? Brew? All this is possible within the project of the University Palacky Pampedie.

PAMPAEDIA project is implemented Palacký University. The specific objective of the project, which financially supports the Olomouc region is improving, roofing and expansion of educational interest in Olomouc.

Process digital photography, look for the history of their city, to control stage fright before a public performance, look under the hood of the newspaper, get to know the flora and fauna surrounding Olomouc, read closer to the wine and learn someliérství, but also learn to work with ceramics, and familiarize the history of beer and learn how to cook it. This is a sample from a variety of courses emerging PAMPAEDIA. Olomoučané All adults (and of course they are not), regardless of age, education or profession will be able to in their spare time to familiarize with the fields of human activity and knowledge, which addresses.

The themes will be discussed in thematic blocks – you can take the form of a lecture, but also the three-month course or weekend workshop. The meeting will take place mostly in the premises of the UP, but also in joint town walks, museums, or perhaps in a microbrewery and a vineyard.

The concept worked PAMPAEDIA John Amos Comenius, in his work The general meeting to rectify things human. PAMPAEDIA here refers to the universal improvement of mankind. Comenius in his book says that „we want to do the full humanity could be educated not any one person or several or many of them, but all people with one another, and separately, young, old, rich and poor, noble and humble, men and women, in short, anyone who got a lot to be born a man. “

Deadline will be when filled with the capacity of individual courses. The inclusion of the course and other details (exact date and time of the course, venue of the course, etc.) we all logged information. The course fee is paid in cash before each course.

The current offer includes courses such as processing digital photos or videos, brewing beer, art therapy, creating a newspaper or television reports, but also the foundations of rhetoric. Many courses is useful in everyday life, but also an interview at the entrance exams.

PAMPAEDIA is an open school – both for students and for teachers. If you are interested in implementing the course, which could Olomouc residents or other places in the region of interest, please contact the organizers at The same e-mail will also answer any questions. Information, see things, „www.pampaedi­“: Http://www.pam­

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