2nd round - Anthropology in Pilsen Added:15.7. 2007
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2nd round - Anthropology in Pilsen

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy University of West Bohemia decided to hold second round of admission to the Master's program of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology populations of the past. Applications can be sent electronically (www.ff.zcu.cz) with deadline 14th September 2007.

Entrance exams are held on Thursday 20 09th 2007th The second round of entrance exams is intended for those who were not first round of entrance exams, mainly due to taking the state exam in the September dates.

Admission is to the day of entrance examination candidates have completed bachelor's or master's degree. For more information on field populations of the past, Anthropology and the content of entrance exams to the „web address of the school.“: Http://www.oba­.zcu.cz/APM/in­dex.htm.

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