2nd Bike - Design for Accounting of Added:25.7. 2008
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2nd Bike - Design for Accounting of

Institute of Art and Design University of West Bohemia in Pilsen announced for the academic year 2008/2009 a new round of proceedings in the design of the study program with the following fields:

  • Design – specialization Industrial Design
  • Design and metal jewelry
  • Fashion Design

Multimedia Design – Spatial specialization formation

  • Sculpture

** Important dates: ** Deadline for application: 31 7th 2008 Term fee payment: 31 7th 2008 Dates of entrance exams: 19 8th 2008 – 22 8th 2008

** Admission: ** Applicants for study design bachelor degree program awaits the entrance aptitude test. It consists of two parts. In the first applicant shall submit their art work. Those interested in studying Industrial Design graduate specialization and mathematical test. Selected students then proceed to the second part of the examination. It consists of a several-art performing assigned tasks. Number of accepted applicants in each field is estimated to number nine.

** What to remember: ** Prospective study design surrendered on Tuesday 19 8th 2008 its home art work. Together with them and submit a certified copy of graduation certificate and motivational biography.

More information is available „here.“: Http://www.uud­.zcu.cz/dokumen­ty/Vyhlaseni_prij_ri­zeni_BcA3_kolo­.pdf

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