2nd Round - Faculty of Civil Engineering Added:10.8. 2008
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2nd Round - Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering launches second round of admission for the academic year 2008/2009. You can sign up to the bachelor degree programs:

Civil Engineering Geodesy and Cartography Architecture and Construction Safety and Risk Engineering Civil Engineering

The application must be submitted by 17 8th 2008th Participation is open only to those candidates who did not submit the application form by 1 Round of admission, or application before 1 brought round, but absent is the entrance examination and the apologies are not included in the replacement date of recruitment.

The entrance examination is held on the 8th 9th 2008th It consists of two parts – a written test in mathematics and physics and an oral interview. Applicants for admission to the study of architecture and engineering in an interview submit their artwork for a maximum of 10 pieces.

For more information, see „here“: http://www.fsv.cvut.cz/…/2kolo89.php.

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