2nd Round - The University of Science Added:4.8. 2008
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2nd Round - The University of Science

Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava announces additional admissions for the academic year 2008/2009 the following selected undergraduate fields of study:

• Biophysics • Measurement and presentation of computer data • Computer Modelling in Physics • Applied Mathematics (in full time and part-time study) • Applications of mathematics in economics (in full-and part-time study) • Investment advice (in full-and part-time study) • Protecting and landscaping • Physical Geography and Geoecology • Cartography and Geoinformatics • Political and cultural geography • Chemistry • Informatics • Computer Science and Technology – Applied Science

The entrance examination is held. By admission, the assessment of candidates expected to study the results of studies from high school. Evaluation is a point system based on an average benefit of all subjects at each grade level and GCSE studies.

Application Form is submitted in electronic format only and must be submitted no later than 10 August 2008.

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