2nd round the entrance - High School in Pilsen Added:11.7. 2008
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2nd round the entrance - High School in Pilsen

High School in Pilsen, ops, said second round of entrance exams for AK. 2008/2009. The second round of entrance exams will be held between 25 8th – 27 8th 2008 (changed), and for the following fields:

Protection of public health Radiology Assistant Occupational Therapy

Teaching places a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and skills. Gain is under professional management in all health facilities in Bohemia and in social care facilities. Practical instruction is given to 50% of lessons.

Applications for study should be sent by 13 8th 2008 school mailing address, which you can find on the 'www.vsplzen.cz ": http://www.vsplzen.cz.

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