2nd round of admission for the field of Chinese Philology Added:3.6. 2011
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2nd round of admission for the field of Chinese Philology

** Faculty of Palacky University ** (UP) in Manchester received accreditation for two new degree courses, which will be opened in the next academic year:

=== Chinese Philology

(Full-time undergraduate study) ** Expected number of accepted students **: 20 ** Entrance Exams ** TSP – Test study assumptions with an emphasis on orientation in the cultural field and the humanities and social disciplines sible. More information about the field, see the „here“: http://www.ff.upol.cz/…filologie-2/.

=== Chinese Philology

(Full-time master's degree) ** Expected number of accepted students: ** 15 Entrance Exams ** ** In the written examination the applicant shall submit a written work of at least 20 pages (bachelor thesis, thesis, or part of another study). And do not necessarily directly linked with a connecting branch. Working applicants mailed in advance of the second part of the exam, which consists of an oral interview. The branch will include questions and discussion about current and future professional career candidates. More information about this field, see the „here“: http://www.ff.upol.cz/…filologie-3/ .

Applications for study can both be administered until the 15th ** July 2011 **.

Source: „www.zurnal.u­pol.cz“: http://www.zurnal.upol.cz/…a-filologie/

Author: Černá, Lucie

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