2nd Bike - Faculty UPOL Added:1.8. 2008
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2nd Bike - Faculty UPOL

The second round of admission announced by Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc in the following bachelor degree programs:

** Deadline for application: 15 August 2008 Dates of entrance exams: 1st September 2008 **

** Mathematics ** Discrete Mathematics Mathematics – Descriptive Geometry (uč) Mathematics – Computer Science

Admission to the Mathematics degree program consists of a test that verifies the applicant's know­ledge of mathematics. In the case of field of study Mathematics – Computer Science, the test is completed the area of ​​informatics.

** Applied Mathematics ** Statistical modeling and computer

Candidates are recruited on the basis of the mathematics test.

** Geology ** Geology and Environment

Chemistry and Geology foundations are part of the admission procedure for the above program.

** Chemistry ** Chemistry – Mathematics (uč) Chemi – Physics (uč) Chemistry – Geology and Environmental Protection (uč)

Selection of candidates will be based on recruitment, which consists of a test in chemistry. In the case of the first and second variants of the test is supplemented by part of a mathematical or physical, always depending on the chosen field of study.

** Physics ** Applied Physics Biophysics Molecular Biophysics General Physics and Mathematical Physics Optics and optoelectronics Device physics Instrument Optics Physics – Mathematics (uč) Physics – Computer Science (uč)

The admission procedure for the above courses is a test of physics and mathematics. Applicants for the study of molecular biophysics and pass a test in chemistry. Another part of the test awaits those interested in the study of Physics – Computer Science. They have in addition to admission connects physics and mathematics and computer science.

** Particulars of application: ** Those interested in studying the above fields filled out and sent to the address of the University online application. It will also include a self-signed CV and certified copy of the school-leaving certificate. It is also important to attach proof of payment of administrative fee, which shall be five hundred crowns.

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