Science Week Added:31.10. 2007
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Science Week

It's chemistry and physics in the curriculum a little? Much? The answer will certainly vary depending on popularity of a particular subject. Supporters and opponents of these items is a fun and attractive research attempts to persuade the Academy of Sciences to Week of science and technology.

The theme this year is light and angles, which can examine this phenomenon scientifically. Visitors can check why the oil spots on the earth glittering colors, and how or why the sky creates a rainbow. Many visitors will certainly attract lectures and Forensic Science, Medicine or the future.

Among scientists are lost or Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, which presents theatrical lighting techniques. The famous faces will also feature actor Jaroslav Dusek, which will be filmed for public participation in the theater Viola his soul to show, this time with members of the Academy of Sciences.

The seventh edition of Science and Technology Week will begin on 1 November and ends ten days later, on 11th November. Lectures largest capacity in the field, presentations, experiments, workshops, cafes and unusual visits to laboratories or academic institutions will be held in five cities in the Czech Republic, home to research institutes of the Academy of Sciences – in Brno, Czech Budejovice, Olomouc, Ostrava and Prague.

Admission to all events is free of Science Week, to full capacity. The exact program of lectures, exhibitions and open days to find a candidate website.,

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