The Special Study: Social Anthropology Added:1.11. 2007
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The Special Study: Social Anthropology

Social anthropology – and this field of study can be found in the register fields of higher education. But what a mysterious name behind? Where can graduate to apply your knowledge? Note: This article has been updated first 12th 2009 (-K-)

** What is ** Communities, social networks, cultural change, ethnic relations – if you are speaking the phrase in social anthropology remembered any of these terms, the nature of studies have estimated the field correctly. Social Anthropology from the 2nd half of the 20th century. devoted to the study of marginalized groups, ethnic minorities and subcultures within modern society. It affects all areas of life yet studied group, whether political, economic, religious and aesthetic. The analysis focuses on the reality being studied as a whole.

** ** The content of study During their studies, students learn to compare methods of analysis of society and culture, oriented in the ethno-cultural issues and critically analyzed. The study will help minority students with special language skills (University of Pardubice – Romany). Graduates of bachelor program should be able, based on theoretical, practical and interpretive knowledge to identify the internal rules of social processes. Through the knowledge of students of social anthropology to better understand the integration of immigrants issue, migration, conflicts between communities and other social phenomena.

** Graduates ** Graduates work in consulting, government, foundations or nonprofit organizations providing humanitarian assistance. The application, however, also find commercial and educational sectors, or as a field social workers and academics.

** ** Where to study Social anthropology may be candidates in the Czech Republic to study at the undergraduate level, „Faculty of Social Sciences': Charles University (in sociology and social anthropology), the Bachelor level (two-field) on the "Faculty of Social Studies“: University in Brno, „Faculty of Philosophy“: html Pardubice University or „Faculty of Arts“: University of West Bohemia.

There's also an opportunity to study similar fields of study:

  • Anthropology – Faculty of Humanities, University
  • Ethnology – Philosophy, Charles University.

** Items ** Introduction to Social Anthropology, Social Anthropology of Roma in Central Europe, Research Methods, Social Anthropology of the family, relatives and social networks – is a wide range of subjects, varies depending on the selected university.

** Admission ** If you have decided on the University of Pardubice, misses you with a written admission test of history and geography. Part of the history while focusing on the key events of Czech and world history and social science foundation, part of the politico-geographical division of the world geography and ethnology. Admissions to the Faculty of Social Studies are held by National comparative trials, which is supplied by Scio. Applicants that faculty must attend at least one General study assumptions and foundations of social sciences.

To conclude this article I would like to say words of Bronislaw Malinowského, Polish and British anthropologist, sociologist and ethnographer: „The way to understand others is to live among them (and make note of it).“

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