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Interview with Belarus, who study at the University of Added:6.11. 2007
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Interview with Belarus, who study at the University of

Among university students, n ašských to find foreigners who do not know at first glance. They have a different skin color, do not study English version branches and speak with you in Czech which often degrade the native Czech. Such female students are John Martyniuk and Katsiaryna Asouskaya of Belarus.

1st ** What do you study in the Czech Republic, and which year? ** ** J ** studying University of Economics, majoring in Tourism and Regional Development, International Relations Department. Now I'm in the quarter. ** K ** I too study everything but business and law.

2nd ** Do you study light, or vice versa consuming? ** ** J ** Subjects semester mandatory groups are very difficult and much depends on teachers. ** To: ** The teachers and too much depends on the subject. Generally, for foreigners studying very much more demanding than for the Czechs.

3rd ** What is the difference between Czech schools and universities in Belarus? ** ** J ** Disparities in evaluation, here we get signs of A, B, C, D, is in Belarus. They are not the subjects for each semester as here, rather it is a set of objects that must be done. I can make my own schedule like this. And I will not hide it, there is corruption and there – you can not math? Thank you and have a credit or examination. ** To: ** The difference is huge, there is no one cares about you, except yourself. This means that if you want to do something – you do not. Everything is entirely up to you. For us, caring teachers, students to do something, it's not a self-study like this. No you can not select objects and those who did not manage, can not be repeated. So here is a very democratic system. If it's good for the human juvenile or not, I do not know. (Laughter)

4th ** How satisfied are you studying? You have not changed their decision to study this school? ** ** J: ** I enjoy travel and tourism, which is why I chose this field. But slowly starting to regret that I chose the University, the school is about anything, I have little interest oborovek. On the other hand, I have no money so I could study the school, which count for more. ** K ** I thought that I feel that an economist is not much for me, because I think I'll start with something else, something more creative. ALL'm tired.

5th ** What exactly are studying in the Czech Republic? ** ** J ** I've always wanted to study abroad. For a long time I wanted to study high school in Poland, but I once saw an advertisement that a company is preparing for entrance exams to universities in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic, as is known, has a higher economic level than Poland, plus a few times I was in Prague, Czech Republic, I have long had too much. Therefore, I opted for the Czech Republic. ** To: ** When I started this school, I did not have much to choose from and the business I had imagined as a future profession.

6th ** Can Czech well, when and where did you learn? It was easy / hard? ** ** J ** Czech, I learned at home, I went to tutoring once a week during one year and I'm quite enough, I managed just fine entrance exams. After that it was difficult, but from the beginning, I started a lot of fun with the Czechs and the Czech were quite gone, he is a Slavic language. ** To: ** During the last ten, classes in high school I studied Czech at a private tutor twice a week. It was just the entrance exam, but it was enough.

7th ** What surprised you the most? ** ** J ** I was surprised at liberty. And that Czechs me weigh more than people of my native state. ** C ** that everyone fend for themselves.

8th ** What do you like in the CR or Not? ** ** J ** I like that you are not unpleasant, it does not violate the law, as it should do the Russians and Ukrainians. I do not like that a lot of Czechs are closed to me. Not interested in what is happening around them. I have a couple of unpleasant experiences. I met a lot of people blame me for the sixty-eighth year. After all, for it can not! Not my fault that I was born in my homeland and I can not for what my ancestors once did. ** K ** I love my city. I like the democracy, one has the ability to do what he wants – there is a vast area. No one will disturb you if you do not interfere with someone yourself.

9th ** Where would you like to work? Do you have a dream job? ** ** J ** I would like to start working as a manager in a large and well-known hotel chain, it would be a great experience for me. What I wanted then, I do not know yet. ** To: ** still rather thinking about further study.

10th ** Would you like after graduation to stay here or go back to Belarus? Or live in a completely different country? ** ** J ** Czech I really like, but I'm not sure I wanted to stay here. I'd go work elsewhere, but I think I just came here with my family and had a peaceful and dignified life. ** To: ** In the Czech Republic had two years I've been happy, but what's next? I do not know, I know …

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