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Stužkovací party, it is fun, and thanks formalities Added:3.11. 2007
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Stužkovací party, it is fun, and thanks formalities

In the life of fourth grade students in high school there are several milestones that help to overcome the tedious sessions at school, long learning and fear of examinations, which parents attach great importance – of graduation. The first of these milestones is undoubtedly stužkovací party.

As schools are divided according to areas of specialization, the number of students, graduates and their success in entrance examinations and job search, you can divide the school and by the celebration party stužkovacího. The range of possibilities is truly diverse – from festive evening full of formal dresses, sashes and dances, to the wild and boisterous party. There are also schools where stužkovací party celebrating the fourth year, students organize only one party.

Preparations usually are in the spirit of stress and endless speculation over the color of ribbons, sashes, and shirts, the inscription on the ribbon and last but not least, the inteligentností and suitability of some proposals. Ultimately, however, rumors are silenced, the minority skřípěným teeth and abide by the opinion of most D-Day is approaching. „We are going to invite stužkovací party about three weeks in advance and in bulk. When invited, we dressed in costumes of ancient Greeks, we wrote that it has "a rhymed drama“ game as it skirted the teacher and so inviting. I have had invitations in the style of an ancient scroll, which was sealed with wax to seal our class. Stužkovací the party itself was held at a mountain hut. At first we were all lined up by candlelight before a teacher. After the speech, in which everyone was in tears, leaving us our Godfather order to fit the sword and class maturantského us pinned ribbon. For each voiced poem that had portray his person. In the evening we even played a few scenes in which we are back into those minds to eight years we spent together, we passed the class professor and orchid cake as a thank you, and then we played the specially prepared video of our class. The rest of the evening was a free program, so we danced, or played guitar and sang, "he told Hank Trckova, what their stužkovací party.

The so-called stužkovák may take the form of less formal. "Stužkováku rule is that students give professors ribbons. Each class will prepare the program, and then bypasses the individual professors who taught them. Very popular are the subject of firefighters, paramedics or police officers, such as costumes and themes allow proper foray into the class that invokes the appropriate response especially in younger students. To obtain ribbon professor, students must promise something. Often promises to help students at graduation and will be forgiving of any errors. If the teacher in question will not be at graduation, promises that at least will keep my fingers crossed for good luck. Evening students will then meet in a pre-booked restaurant get ribbons from their class teacher or professor. More fun then it's just their imagination, "said Kate Partschová.

There are, however, students who are above question, what was their stužkovací party, just shakes his head in puzzlement. „Stužkovací party? Independent? We did not, "she said Misa Wilhelmová. Her words confirmed by Lucy Zemanova. "I just had a graduation party sometime in January. It was very festive. First it was one moment, then gave us ribbons. Each class had prepared a program – midnight surprise. Our boys did Buds by Michal David. He also threw the coin – we stretched canvas and our parents and friends, we invite us throwing money for which we are then drunk (laughs). “

Whether you will have your party stužkovací any form, believe that it will be for you an unforgettable experience that will remain in memory forever. Because MATURANT man is truly a once in a lifetime, so you need to enjoy it.

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