Expolingua Fair begins next week Added:4.11. 2007
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Expolingua Fair begins next week

How many languages ​​do you know, many times you are human. Do you know this, the truth is already a bit worn, proverbs? So precisely this is governed by a two-day fair Expolingua, starting 9th November.

International Fair for Languages, Education and Culture Expolingua Praha 2007 will offer visitors more than sixty seminars and lectures by local and foreign experts in the field of foreign languages ​​and cultures. On his seventeenth year will feature a total of seventeen countries.

Fair organizers are trying to provide a comprehensive overview of programs and services related to the study of foreign languages. High school students, college students, their parents, teachers, professors and all others interested in foreign languages ​​and cultures offers some interesting topics – from classical translation and interpretation to the e-learning and foreign language studies conjunction with work abroad.

The fair also offers a varied and accompanying cultural program, which provide visitors the opportunity opportunity to obtain information about studying and working abroad, or to learn more about the language tests. The brave can try the tutorial and directly at the fair. There will also be competition – soutěživci may try to attract luck and need to win a week's stay in Australia, translation software or other of fifty prizes. Just fill out the contest coupon, which gets at the fair. For more information about the candidate learns the website www.expolingua.cz.

www.uiv.cz, www.expolingua.cz

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