The Special Field: Sociology Added:9.11. 2007
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The Special Field: Sociology

This time we will introduce a field which has a relatively wide range of applications. Perhaps you've ever met theorem, that sociology is „the science of society“. There's nothing wrong with that, but honestly – can you imagine anything under that specific? Note: Article updated third 12th 2009 (-pel-)

** What is the subject of study? ** Sociology is the study of fundamental processes taking place in contemporary societies. For example, explores the phenomenon of multiple cultures in contact, the position of women in modern society, the behavior of crowds and other social groups, the role of culture. The acquired knowledge will allow better orientation in social and group processes. They should also help you understand your own position in the world.

** Items ** Given that sociology can study at various schools, items may vary. Of those mandatory but will probably miss the history of sociology, contemporary sociology, statistics (in which the encounter with the polls), basic demographics, social issues, health policy, family policy, the foundations of logic and mathematics, analysis of quantitative and qualitative nature, etc. .

** Application ** Your future profession much depends on what area you decide to take sociology deeper. After graduation you can work such as market research agency, the department of human resources management, nonprofit organizations, or state and local government.

** ** Where to study Charles University in Prague:

„Masaryk University in Brno“: sociology, social policy and social work „University of West Bohemia“: Sociology „University of Hradec Kralove“: general sociology and empirical „University of Pardubice“: Sociology „Palacky University“: Sociology and adragogika

At a number of universities in the Czech Republic instead of a separate sociology teaches social policy and social work, which differ primarily focus on practical methods of social work with individuals and with social groups. For completeness, we add a list of them. If you are not attracted to social work, or, conversely, you do not have too much interest in sociology as such, take care not to confuse these two disciplines.

Schools that offer in Social Policy and Social Work: „University of Ostrava“: „Silesian University in Opava“: „Technical University in Liberec“: „University of Hradec Kralove“: „Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences': "University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem“:… „Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, Ltd.“: „University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“:…dry/socprac/

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