COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: General Medicine - II. part Added:11.11. 2007
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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: General Medicine - II. part

In this work a comparison study of General Medicine at the faculties to learn about Pilsen and Hradec Králové, Charles University and medical school in Brno and Olomouc. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove


[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2023/lfhk­.jpg * *]

** Studies at the Faculty ** "Theoretical and preclinical subjects provide a basis for understanding the physiological and pathological processes in the organism. In clinical courses, students learn practical ways especially with basic investigations with laboratory methods and principles of treatment, including differential diagnosis. Great emphasis is placed on practical training at the bedside, "I read the candidates for admission to the Faculty website.

** The number of applicants / received in 2009/2010: 1198/165 **

** Open Day: 16th ** 1st 2010

** The opinion of students: ** Barbara Hronová, 4 year How did you prepare for entrance exams? I attended a training course organized by the Faculty in Hradec Kralove. Otherwise, I drove physics, from which I nematurovala. There I had the test issued by the Faculty in Pilsen.

What do you think the level of teaching at your school? Well, of course, excellent :-) No, seriously, I really think it is very good – we recite practitioners, so you know how things work in reality … The practice of doctors led by the individual departments are really practical – there are a lot of people learn and teach, plus a lot we can try. You can see the effort of keeping departments modify practice according to the wishes and requirements of students, many doctors also caters to individual student interest, which is cool.

Why did you decide to go into medicine just on the faculty? I heard a good reference from one lady doctor, I knew the faculty of the preparatory course, I knew that students do not take too much and throw at least, more people repeat a year. I heard that there are good relations between professors and students, and that there exists a kind of „family“ atmosphere – which I can really confirm! :-) And what was important for me, too: that's no problem :-) I also get a college because it is a nice city Hradec, such larger villages, and there is really safe.

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen


** Admission test: ** There will be in the form of a written test in physics, chemistry and biology. Faculty publish questions for the entrance exams. For applicants for master studies organized by the faculty full-time training course from the beginning of February 2007. The preparatory course is also possible to take over the Internet. For the information of applicants and General Medicine Faculty of Dentistry issued three sets of model questions in physics, chemistry and biology. These files can be purchased at a bookstore Sestak in Pilsen. Entrance exams will be held on 12th 6th 2008th

** The success of candidates (2006 / 7) ** 28.8%

** Estimated number received in 2010/2011: up to 200 **

** ** Student opinions Survey results ascertaining in previous years, students' satisfaction with teaching here:…oll_pub.aspx

===== Olomouc LF

„ / faculty / lf“:…ktuality-lf/

** Admission test: ** Applicants will be tested on their knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics. The circuits for the entrance exams and recommended literature faculty has published on its website. The dean may take up to 100 students without taking entrance examinations.

** The success of candidates (2006 / 7) ** 18.4%

Topics for the entrance exams:

===== Faculty of Masaryk University

„ / honey“:

** Admission test: ** Will be held by professional test in biology, chemistry and physics in the 12 th – 16 6th 2008th

** The success of candidates (2006 / 7) ** 17.4%

** Open Days: 16th ** and 20 1st 2010

** Student opinion: ** Vendula Nováková, 4 year How did you prepare for entrance exams? „Not much, when, after six months in a quarter it was clear that the entrance exams do not have to, because I meet the average requirements for admission without the entrance … Until then, I have attended seminars all subjects, what should occur for entrance, then I missed physics because I Graduated from the Chemistry and Biology. Fell away from the stress tests and general assumptions, so unfortunately I can not judge the difficulty or quality. “

Why did you decide to go into medicine just on the faculty? „Yeah, I would also like to know where the break actually occurred :-) Did not lead me boundless urge to help people, but rather to the medical profession imagined concrete things in life does, which should be at the studio nuclear physics or math in natural science (yes, I wondered about that, too) were missing. He also played a role prestige occupations that people doctors weigh. And thirdly – medicine was a challenge – the hardest school, something that can not handle everyone. But I must honestly say that if I had to choose again with today's experience and prospects for the future, medicine (general medicine or specifically) I vote for. Specifically, this faculty, we chose because it had taken as a single without the entrance, and because it's near my home. “

What do you think the level of teaching at your school? „Medicine is a very interesting field, as a man in one of the few sectors to see what will actually do. Unfortunately, like most of the faculties, is put little emphasis on practical training, he wants too much theoretical detail in all fields (even if it's from a certain viewpoint certainly need …), which you just can not remember. Theoretical courses are three years, which is a lot to me, for the fourth year of internships that are already in the hospitals, we are in the group so that if you have parted into smaller groups, not just for patients, as 20 people would have to Bits or rooms, so the internship actually mostly misfires. The most practical things I personally learned the obligatory holiday internships, where I was alone. But they are back on holiday – to the only medical student leisure. Teachers are professionals, you have to let some times a little too much on stopping their field (the Queen of medicine is not only anatomy but also learn how to microbiology, patogie, ENT … :-)) And one more thing – internships are divided into Bohunice and the St. Anna (Brno hospital notes. editors), sometimes we have something in the Children's Hos­pital. I must say that the Children's Hospital odnáším always a good feeling from the Bohunice interesting findings. Unfortunately, Anne's teaching does not take place according to my ideas – as they would rather stand in the way students there are not spaces. And prospects for the future? When your doctor after a decade of practice describes the system of work and evaluation of health care, you start to look the closest hospital in Germany, England, Austria … “

In conclusion, our studies show srovnávajícího General Medicine at the faculties Vendula a few words: „Medicine is a difficult and exhausting, but beautiful and interesting. It's about responsibility and courage, about the art of helping others. Unfortunately for the doctor was trained in the Czech Republic, extremely difficult conditions, and even more experienced colleagues do not have it easier. Will odstuduji than anything? I hope:) “

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