TUL adopted in Vietnamu150 students stojírenství Added:11.11. 2007
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TUL adopted in Vietnamu150 students stojírenství

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University in Liberec, Petr Louda matriculated 150 students accepted for study in bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at the deployed site technical university in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang. They await the successful graduation in Liberec.

Students will study the first year in Vietnam as Vietnamese students and universities will be required to learn Czech. From the second year they become students of the University of Liberec. Prerequisite for advancement to the second year's successful test of the Czech language, because in the second year of teaching will be in progress also in Vietnam, but in Czech. The third year will pass in Liberec. The study is reported 300 students from all over Vietnam. They had to undergo a demanding entrance tests in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

"The bachelors can enter into business in Vietnam or in the country. We recommend them to continue in our Master's program and won the title of mechanical engineer. The best ones will be able to study in Liberec doctoral programs and obtain a PhD. With this education staff will be welcome everywhere in the world, "said Dean FS TUL Loud.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University last year signed a contract with a Vietnamese university to build a technical training centers and provision of technical facilities, including laboratories. The three-year pilot program supported by Ministry of Commerce announced competitions CR total amount of 25 million. Of the money already invested in its Faculty of Vietnamese educational center million crowns to the new computer lab and classrooms. This year, invest in additional equipment still about 1.5 million.

Source: www.tul.cz

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