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Lifelong learning Added:14.11. 2007
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Lifelong learning

High school is from that, we learn something and get a diploma. Even so, it could be simplified, as is generally known about this educational institution. It would be a mistake, however. Most schools offer a program of lifelong learning, which allows you to deepen knowledge in a shorter time than classical studies.

** ** How it works Lifelong learning can be found at present in almost all universities in the Czech Republic. This is another way of training, where you can add knowledge without necessarily having to become a student. Just meet the criteria established by the Institute or faculty (for example, belong to the target group, which is designed for a specific program), login to revamp moneybox (lifelong learning courses are usually paid) and you can prepare in the library space for study materials. Courses are conducted in both full form, often applying spacers. A successful completion will be issued the certificate.

** Options ** study The courses are intended for different target groups and can be interest-oriented, or profession. The lifelong learning include the přijímačkám preparatory courses, retraining courses for graduates and high school (seeking new professional skills), career courses for graduates and high school (focused on acquiring and deepening knowledge on specific sub-professional positions), postgraduate courses , licensing study, coaching studies, University of the Third Age.

Some colleges also lists programs, which may lead you to be on the basis of excellent benefits after two semesters allowed to transfer to regular full-time (with appropriate orientation). The disadvantage is the financial performance and that any change until you have student status. On the other hand, give you a chance to study at your field of dreams, even if you have such capacity reasons were recruited.

** Fees ** Prices vary in proportion to the length and difficulty of courses. Shorter courses is already in the range from CZK 2,000 to CZK 4,000. The ones that last longer or more semesters, you'll no longer have to pay more (even though it is not a rule). Expect around 000 CZK with 10 or more, excluding, however, is less than 20 000 CZK per semester.

** For further information on specific fields ** If you choose this type of study, you first need to determine if and where your chosen field in the form taught (it can also happen that it will not offer, or an insufficient number of candidates will not be opened). Given the number of universities that offer lifelong learning, this time we do not give you specific information sources. For more information, however, can be found on the websites of individual faculties and departments in the study.

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