National comparative test and the University of South Bohemia Added:18.11. 2007
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National comparative test and the University of South Bohemia

The Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budějovice Now you can get on the general study of the test assumptions. Candidates for the study of biology, Environmental Care, Biomedical laboratory technology, and Biological Chemistry (Biological Chemistry) in the admission process for the academic year 2008/2009 will be able to choose how to fold the entrance exam.

Can either pass a knowledge test (in biology and chemistry), or test the general assumptions in the study part of the national comparative tests organized by the SCIO. Both options can be combined. The knowledge test is held in the University of South Bohemia University in two equal terms – 10 June 2008 and 24 June 2008. If applicants wish to pass the entrance exam form of the test, inform the faculty in writing, with the filing.

The mentioned fields can be accessed without entrance examinations. The criteria, which in this case, you must meet, and more information on admission procedures, see the „here“:…/prijbak.pdf. Information on the general study tested assumptions, sample tests and dates please go to „site SCIO“:

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