The Special Field: Applied Mathematics Added:19.11. 2007
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The Special Field: Applied Mathematics

Field of applied mathematics is certainly not for everyone. If you decide to study the program of study, it is assumed that you are true fans of mathematical formulas and are able and willing to spend hours solving the most complex numeracy. Read more about this business you learn the following lines. Note: Article updated 5th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** Where ** The study applied mathematics should be looking at some catalogs of schools of learning, because it is among other subjects sometimes inappropriate rather legendary Cinderella. Those interested in this field but it can study the „Masaryk University in Brno“:, „University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice“: " University of Hradec Kralove „:,"; University of Palacky in Olomouc ":…ty/prf,"; University of Ostrava in Ostrava ": http:// / or "the Silesian University in Opava“: The exact names of degree programs vary, some faculty prefer classical applied mathematics with a focus on statistics and financial mathematics (Masaryk University in Brno), others rely on the interest in computer technology (VŠB – Technical University).

** ** Assumptions Entrance exams are not exactly the hardest step to prospective students waiting. As is customary in complex technical fields, entrance exams are fairly simple – just from the mission with the mandatory application attachments to meet the test of study skills. Worse is in the studio to finalize the dream title. The so-called mortality is high and only a few subjects completed a student.

** What is the subject of study? ** The study includes a focus by studying statistics and data analysis, economic mathematics, financial mathematics and actuarial mathematics or computer. An essential feature of the study of financial mathematics is the mathematical modeling of complex phenomena occurring in finance and banking, and subsequent decisions, the solution of problems (the financial management and risk management). Field computer mathematics again based on the assumption that the application of mathematics is all around us. For example, when buying goods over the Internet use hlubokých results of the theory of numbers and cryptography, the doctor may obtain information about our health through tomography, which would not have been possible without the Radon integral transformation, and the car going bezpečně thanks to the fact that during its construction were used numerical methods. Other areas include applications of mathematics such as analysis of product reliability, signal analysis, electromagnetic field modeling, modeling of temperature fields, flow modeling, analysis, chemical and geophysical processes, optimal control, modeling of financial markets, biomechanics, retrieval and storage of data, etc.

** Items ** Students libující you in solving complex mathematical formulas to the study certainly get their money. The whole range of courses and there is no shortage of choice. The study materials are found objects such as Calculus, Linear Algebra and Geometry, Financial Mathematics, Probability and statistics, rate, and integral, mathematical computing systems, insurance mathematics, linear programming, differential equations and continuous models, statistical models, basic statistical methods, Micro-and Macroeconomics, Banking, Financial Accounting, Insurance, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Discrete Mathematics, Function, Coding and Cryptography, Mathematical theory of reliability, optimization methods, Nonlinear Analysis, Equations of mathematical physics, reliability and maintainability of systems, statistics, or Variational methods.

** Application ** Graduate of bachelor study program Applied Mathematics is ready to create mathematical models of real phenomena and practical processes. Apply the technique as a collaborator, economist or other expert in solving specific problems. Financial Mathematics graduates find employment in financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment companies) and government. Graduates of Computer Mathematics will apply for software companies in the development departments of industrial workplaces, the design offices and research institutes. During the growing complexity of scientific research software application can be found even when a qualified distribution of software products.

Sources: websites of individual faculties.

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