Changes in teacher education programs at University of South Bohemia Added:25.11. 2007
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Changes in teacher education programs at University of South Bohemia

Since the academic year 2008/2009 at the University of South Bohemia dramatically transformed system for the preparation of future school teachers. So far, all secondary teaching courses accredited at the Faculty of JU and their implementation also involved other faculty – specifically, Science (Biology), Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Agriculture, Yu. From next academic year will be those for high school teachers continue to teach only in professional colleges. The restructuring is to create a unified concept of training teachers for secondary schools so that candidates can freely combine the two selected fields of approbation, and even faculties.

Currently, there is a shift in selected fields between the faculties and their re-accreditation. The original five-year courses are divided into the new bachelor and master degree. The Faculty of Science, JU pass the following subjects – Chemistry (teaching high school teachers currently in the field ensures Faculty of Agriculture), physics, mathematics and computer science. Faculty of Arts, which also contributes to the achievement of some five-year master's courses for primary school teachers, has been accredited two-field study of Bohemian Studies, History and Romance Philology, specialization in French, Spanish or Italian language.

The year 2008 will be submitted for accreditation at the DP teaching of Czech language and literature and history for middle school, followed by the Romance languages. The same model (two-field professional studies and master teacher training) will be applied even Germanic, whose accreditation has remained at PF, but in the foreseeable future is expected to land on the Setting-DP. Dvouoborového offer bachelor programs of study, after its completion it will be possible to continue studies in master teachers, expand the field of Humanities, which will provide TF Yu.

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