New courses at the Technical University in Brno Added:28.11. 2007
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New courses at the Technical University in Brno

New disciplines of engineering studies at the Technical University in Brno. University of Technology since September 2008 has prepared a new master's degree program „Forensic engineering, and in two fields: Real Engineering“ and "an expert in transportation engineering. The study is two years, following the undergraduate level, in the form of attendance. The common aim of the program is to prepare students to work in industries in which it applies interdisciplinary education. The two proposed fields of study, therefore, combine the disciplines of technical education, economic and legal.

Graduates and graduates receive engineering Realtor broad-based and practically oriented knowledge in the care of the property in the area of ​​real estate law, the insurance industry, banking, real estate, management of state property, with particular emphasis on knowledge of real estate valuation. His education will be able to apply in companies engaged in that activity, ie, property management or real estate. property development activities in banks, insurance companies or in government asset management.

Graduates and graduates in transportation engineering Expert obtain broad-based, practical knowledge of road and public transport, both in terms of vehicle design, road construction, traffic engineering, road safety, traffic psychology, testing and vehicle diagnostics, traffic and economics repair business in the transport, analysis of the causes and course of traffic accidents, car valuation, and environmental aspects of the operation. His education will be able to apply in companies engaged in freight forwarding and transportation activities at state government and authorities created by these companies, research institutions, as well as in insurance or to self-employment in transportation, repair of vehicles, activities of independent claims adjusters, etc .

Applications for this course will be accepted from early January 2008. The entrance examination will be tested by a general overview.

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