Open Days at TUL Added:20.11. 2007
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Open Days at TUL

Open Days traditionally holds five of the six faculties and the Institute of Health Studies at the Technical University in Liberec. An exception is the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, which has a large overhang of applications every year. The first year organizing open days on 23 November Faculty of Textile TUL.

The first prospective students take the representatives of the textile faculty in building B (Čížková Street), room B4 in 10 hours. The program will be repeated after one hour to 13 hours. „We want to show that the Faculty offers a promising fields of study, in which advanced technologies are applied mainly in the field of technical textiles. This may include for example, medical textiles, fabrics for automotive, aerospace, construction and agriculture, textiles for military applications, special applications, intelligent "smart“ textiles, etc., "said Vice-Dean John Drašarová.

Dates of Open Days each faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: December 5, 2007 and 16 January 2008 Faculty of Textile: 23 November 2007 and 7 March 2008 Faculty of Education: 7 December 2007 Faculty of Economics: 23 January 2008 Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies: 28 November 2007 and 13 February 2008 Department of Health Studies: 25 January 2008 and 22 February 2008

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