The Special Field: Gender Studies Added:21.11. 2007
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The Special Field: Gender Studies

Can you sleep struggle for gender equality? Do you identify ways in which they are constructed gender roles? Then you would just like to study gender studies. Veil, in which gender studies is still a bit clouded, you will unlock this article. Note: This article has been updated first 12th 2009 (-K-)

** What is it? ** Generate study can be defined as a study of culturally and socially created norms of relations between the sexes. In the Czech Republic can be studied at undergraduate level „Department of Sociology FSS MUNI“: Masters Program provides „Department of Gender Studies FHS UK“: http://www.fhs.cuni .cz / gender / o_nas.html. Furthermore, running separate seminars and courses at various universities and nonprofit organizations (Gender Studies NESEHNUTÍ, Nora, etc.) regularly organize various training seminars.

"Gender studies, therefore, address both the analysis of structures and processes involved in the organization of social relations between women and men, the analysis of reproduction of femininity (s) and masculinity (s) at the individual level. Studies of gender is a dynamically developing field, which adds a social science perspective dekonstruující binarismy more experienced (vs. nature. Culture vs. biology. Company vs. private. Public), built on a hierarchical basis. Gender is a fundamental category of analysis, organization of human societies and products of social and cultural life, "characterize the web site field study at the University.

** What is the goal of gender studies? ** Bachelor's program at FSS MU prepares graduates / graduates of the theoretical and methodological page so that they can / separately and thoughtful analysis of gender-relevant issues, which is the key to one of the priorities of the European Union – Equal opportunities for women and men – was successful to implement in practice. Master's program at FSS MU in the study of sociology offers a wide range of profile courses, students will enhance their academic erudition in the study, critical reflection and analysis of gender.

"The master's program GS students confront a wide range of theoretical, methodological and practical issues relating to gender as one of the fundamental organizing principles of society, gender and sexual symbolism and contextualization, the historical and contemporary status of women and men in different societies, the influence of feminist theories and methods in science and research, and other various aspects of gender, "says the field at the Faculty of Humanities website.

** ** Featured items The FSS MU, you can choose from the following courses: Sociological theories of gender, history of women's movement and feminism, Gender and Law in the Republic and the EU, gender structure of society, methods of promoting gender equality + Practice, Research Methodology gender issues, Gender in the field: qualitative methods Research, Science and Gender, Gender in ethnography, Gender in the war: the culture of violence and conflict, violence against women, Gender in literature, critical men's studies, queer studies, feminist movement in contemporary societies, gender, media, gender socialization, gender theory Philosophy , Feminism in the domestic and international context, punishment and imprisonment: gender perspective, gender and religion, the Czech film from the aspect of gender and feminist theory.

Faculty of Humanities offers the following subjects: AIDS as a metaphor, gender, Anthropology. and II., Gender, Race and Multiculturalism, Diploma seminar, electronic media, information society and gender, Epistemologogical and Methodological Questions in Gender Studies, Feminism and Citizenship / Engendering Citizenship, Nationalism and Feminism, Feminist Theories and the Body, Feminist Epistemology, Feminist Ethics, Memory and Gender: Oral History in gender research, feminist theory, Gender and Literature, Gender and the Media, Gender and Law, Gender and Sexuality in the totalitarian regime of 20. Century, Gender in sociology, gender and vizualista, Gender Politics in Central and Eastern Europe, Gender in philosophical anthropology, Gender in language, word formation problems, gender problems of the Third World, Gender structure of Czech society, history from a gender perspective, Gender, Sexuality and Politics identity, comparative history and historical development of sexuality, comparative look at religion from a gender perspective, construction of gender relations in modern society, critical discourse analysis and gender, methodological approaches in gender studies, Methods of feminist discourse analysis, the methods of gender analysis of the media, Methods of promoting gender equality , Men's Studies, General Introduction to the methodology of social sciences, politics and identity construction of sexuality in society, equal opportunities policy in the EU and the Czech Republic, post-colonial studies in terms of gender analysis, Gender, globalization and social movements, from a feminist perspective, Disability, Sexuality in Film , Queer Cinema, the social aspects of the modern era, The Transformation of Intimacy as part of modernization processes, stylistics, argumentation, and academic writing, body, text, and criticism, psychoanalysis, semiotics and culture, basic concepts of social philosophy and philosophy of history.

** Application ** Graduates and gender studies graduates can find opportunities in the state and local governments, the NGOs, the media, but also political entities or educational institutions. Spearheaded will contribute to the so-called „gender mainstreaming“, ie the integration of gender-differentiated access to basic socio-political and cultural functions of the company, to develop social justice, social, gender balance, equality and civil rights of otherness, and therefore also become – in terms of national and international – carry their own legal practice CR approximation with the European Union.

Graduates and Graduates will also be able to apply theoretical work professionally and teaching at university level and contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary field of gender studies, research and education.

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