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Interview with the medalist of world championships in information processing Added:26.11. 2007
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Interview with the medalist of world championships in information processing

There are people among us who can work with keyboard, mouse and editor wonders. These include Havrankova Alen, a student first year follow-up Master's degree Computer Science Economics at Mendel University in Brno. Alena at the World Championships in Information Processing won a beautiful bronze medal. We bring you an interview with her.

** What one can imagine the concept of the World Championship in information processing? **

Championships in information processing takes place every two years. It includes seven disciplines. Most people attend třicetiminutového copy of the text, and the related text editing, where you have to correct the information according to the text. Then there are a variety of dictation and shorthand. Then there is a discipline in which I thrive the most, Wordprocessing is not a professional word processing.

** What is the discipline? **

Classically get the award, which includes functions for formatting text. Entering the three parts. First I have to reformat the plain text as input. For example, edit titles, page size, margins, insert images and so on. In the second part, we create labels using mail merge in the third part we have to make changes in the already revised the first section. And all we have done in 75 minutes, which is quite time consuming. Entry is about eight pages, formatted text then about forty.

** Do you have any tactics, both in competition postupuješ? Are you afraid that a task for such a long assignment opomeneš? **

I'm doing in the course of comments directly to the award, classic rings, křížkuji. But each has its own style. I'm in competition using a keyboard shortcut, someone else prefers a mouse again. Each meets a different version of Word.

** How did you get this kind of unusual races ever received? **

I started it in high school. I studied business academy, where we had a mandatory subject of writing with both feet. Then came the proofreading, and finally I got also Wordprocessingu. So I race since high school, because there we had a teacher who with us in these competitions rode and supported us in it. The description text competitions today, but the discipline, one must still train and improve themselves at this moment I do not have as much time as I needed. So I began to intensively take wordprocessingu. I first participated in the World Cup two years ago in Vienna.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2049/A­lena11.jpg]

** How often do you practice? **

Not regularly. Sometimes he takes notes during lectures or writing seminar papers. I train intensively until just before the race about a week beforehand, when he brings back all the shortcuts, describes the lyrics and try to modify the original.

** She knew you that you can compete at a championship in Prague to place the medal positions, or it was a surprise for you? **

The day after the competition we already knew the results. This is where we can raise protests, to avoid an error. So we took a scoreboard in the Czech part of our team, so I knew a man so little, as it did.

** After a successful World Cup in Prague, going to Beijing to take place in two years next World Cup. In what until you improve? **

Especially in wordprocessingu and proofreading, these two disciplines I enjoy most. But in proofreading the condition that competitors must meet the limit in the description text for my category is 360 strokes per minute. My current rate is 350, unfortunately, so this year I could not place it. Otherwise I might be in proofreading the seventh. But the bronze medal for wordprocessing compensate for it all. So I hope that in Beijing I can succeed in proofreading.

** Are you student Computer Science Economics at Mendel University in Brno. Why did you choose this particular field? **

Because my computer and took the field and I love it. In high school I've been thinking about mathematics, but at the last moment, I chose science. And not regret it because I enjoy programming and I am happy at school.

** What do you want to do after school? ** I would definitely stick with programming. Now currently a part-time job at a university in the development of university information system of our university, so if I can, I'd like to stay at it and continue.

** You write not ever manually? ** Yes, I write. Especially in school, because the lectures catch up to write formulas on the computer, so you have to write it by hand.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2049/A­lena22.jpg]

Author: Trčková, Hana

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